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About Us

Synergy Senior Care is all about the synergy.

The synergy of group of dedicated skilled professionals in many different fields sharing a  passion for people and healthcare working together has turned Synergy Senior Care into one of the most innovative providers or rehabilitation, long-term care, and assisted living in the United States.

By bringing together the best, brightest, most talented and hardworking people together where their individual skills and talents can be amplified by working together, a synergy is created where the whole is far greater than its already impressive parts.

It is this synergy that allows Synergy Senior Care to deliver elite healthcare outcomes to its residents.



Compassionate Care by Passionate People.

Synergy is about making a positive disruption in the lives of our whole team (staff, residents, guests) to create individually tailored experiences resulting in superior clinical outcomes.


Synergy is not just a corporate name.

We believe that happy and professionally satisfied staff lead directly to happy residents that achieve superior clinical outcomes. We are family and care about each other by fostering a culture that helps unlock each individual’s full potential. We succeed when each of our team members succeeds.

Find out why we have quickly become the Employer of Choice in each community we serve.



Discover why Synergy Senior Care is different from every other post-acute and senior care provider you’ll meet. Contact us today to learn more.

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